Sauna Facilities

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Sauna Facilities

A sauna visit relieves muscle strain and kicks the circulatory system back into high gear. In the sauna facilities of Paracelsus Bad & Kurhaus, an extensive program of sauna infusions takes your sense of well-being to a whole new level. Healthy snacks, a fireside lounge along with the infinity pool on the rooftop terrace further enhance your personal feel-good experience at Paracelsus Bad & Kurhaus. Visitors ages 16 and up enjoy admission to the sauna center.

What types of sauna does Paracelsus Bad & Kurhaus offer?

  • Organic sauna (occasionally a “ladies only” sauna) - ca. 70°C
  • Herbal sauna - ca. 80°C
  • Infusion sauna - ca. 90°C
  • Finnish sauna - ca. 90°C
  • Steam bath - ca. 45°C
  • Infrared sauna - ca. 40°C


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Infrared cabin for dry heat

In addition to saunas, Paracelsus Bad & Kurhaus features a big infrared cabin for up to 6 people. Especially visitors who don’t cope well with the hot air of a traditional sauna really appreciate a session spent in the gentler infrared radiation.