There are 3 solariums available for our guests:
- High performance solarium MEGASUN on the ground floor
- High-performance solarium MEGASUN on the 4th floor (at the Baderestaurant)

- Collarium REVOLUTION D on the 5th floor (sauna area)

The "Collarium" is a further development of the solarium. The Collarium invites to a particularly gentle tanning experience. For gentle and natural tanning, sunlight and activating beauty light are combined in the Collarium.

You receive solarium or collarium coins at our bath reception on the 2nd floor. The use of solariums or Collarium is allowed from the age of 18 years.


Solarium / Collarium prices

SOLARIUM (ground floor or 4th floor) COLLARIUM (on the 5th floor - sauna area)
5 € per coin (5 minutes) 5 € per coin (4 minutes)
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